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Windshield wiper cleaners

Visiting Transport Canada

Transport Canada Express in August 1980

Il avait de son côte apporté avec lui machine qui fait des stries sur les pare-brise des voitures. Ces stries augmentent, en pricipe, la longévité des poussiéres et saletés des essuie-glaces. Ainsi, ces derniers nettoient mieux, ne nécessitent pas de nettoyage manuel et éliminent les éraflures sur le parebrise qui ampplifient l'éblouissement provenant des lumières.

Paretskoi's son Reijo has gone on with father's work.
Above right side is a video from this.

Patent Number
Title Of Patent
Date Issued
Means for cleaning a blade of a window glass wiper of a vehicle
October 14, 1986
The invention relates to a means for cleaning a blade of a window glass wiper of a vehicle. The means comprises at least one wiping edge (6) provided on the outer surface of the glass (2) within the area of motion of the wiper blade (6), whereby the blade (3) slides across the wiping

Ilta-sanomat 24.1.1986.
Mikko Paretskoi sai 9.000 markan palkinnon.

Myöhemmin Paretskoi lahjoitti 
Liikenneturvalle 50.000 markkaa 

Mikko Paretskoi,
the inventor of the Windshield Wiper Cleaner
died as 70 years of age in 2005 in Vantaa, Finland.
He was born by the lake Ladoga which belongs
nowadays to Russia.
In 1970 he was driving in bad weather not seeing
very well the road ahead.
Then he was thinking to get solved the dirty wiping
problem. He grinded thin and narrow line on glass 
above the wiper's rest position, so that wiper went 
over the line every wipe.
For the grinding he built whole set of tools.
The invention had to be tested if it is doing
what supposed to be done and that it was not 
weakening the windshield. 
Mikko Paretskoi was rewarded of his
invention by two insurance companies 
and his invention in Brüssels Invention fair.

Safety grooves for windshield wiper cleaning
have been very popular in Finland.
Some car makes have offered grooves
several years. Car inspection stations have
also offered about 20 years grooves to be grinded.

Helsingin Sanomat 1970-luvulla

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